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Forfatter Innlegg: ZK2V -
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lagt til 18.06.2009 21.48.06
fra ZK2V sin hjemmesider:

Stand-by for a helpful DXing hint from ZK2V - next time you go into your shack, do not look at the DX Cluster - put on your headphones and tune around a band slowly, listening carefully to all the weaker signals - you will find DX stations calling CQ that have not been spotted yet - you will be able to work them easily - there won't be the big cluster-driven pile-up to crack. It is very noticeable that I can call CQ for 15 to 20 minutes with a few stations calling me and working me easily, then the louder hordes descend and the smaller stations have no hope. I notice that JA, UA and UT5 stations are particularly good at this old-fashioned but very effective DXing - tuning around and not relying on someone else to find the DX for you ! 

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svarte 03.05.2011 12.59.58
Jeg var nettopp i Kiev for å diskutere QSL-trykking med UX5UO, som viste frem bl.a det kortet han har laget for ZK2V. Flott farvefoto påforsiden.
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