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 YJ0GA - Vanuatu
Fra 06.07.2017 til 13.07.2017, QSL via ZL3GA
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Lagt til 11.07.2017 07:54:28
Oppdatert 11.07.2017 07:54:28
 OY/CT1BWW - Faroe Islands
EU-018 Fra 01.08.2017 til 10.08.2017, QSL via EA4URE
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Lagt til 11.07.2017 06:58:49
Oppdatert 11.07.2017 06:58:49
 YB1/PD1SA - Indonesia (Java Island, OC-021)
OC-021 Fra 02.09.2017 til 02.10.2017, QSL via Home Call
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Lagt til 11.07.2017 06:54:52
Oppdatert 11.07.2017 06:54:52
 V47JA - Saint Kitts and Nevis
NA-104 Fra 12.07.2017 til 05.08.2017, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 11.07.2017 06:40:46
Oppdatert 11.07.2017 06:40:46
 V21XN - Antigua and Barbuda (Antigua Island, NA-100)
NA-100 Fra 01.07.2017 til 30.07.2017, QSL via LotW, KG4ZXN
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 22:25:41
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 22:25:41
 DL5KUD - Germany (Ruegen Island, EU-057)
EU-057 Fra 29.07.2017 til 30.07.2017, QSL via OQRS
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 12:06:48
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 12:06:48
 A25A - Botswana
Fra 20.10.2017 til 05.11.2017, QSL via NJ0F
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 12:04:35
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 12:04:35
 T88GA - Palau (Koror Island, OC-009)
OC-009 Fra 22.07.2017 til 30.07.2017, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 12:01:38
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 12:01:38
 5Z4/LZ4NM 5Z4NM - Kenya
Fra 01.07.2017 til 30.06.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:59:33
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:59:33
 XV9WJR - Vietnam
Fra 26.08.2017 til 17.09.2017, QSL via WA7WJR direct
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:56:44
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:56:44
 YJ0AT - Vanuatu (Efate Island, OC-035)
OC-035 Fra 29.08.2017 til 14.09.2017, QSL via NR6M
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:50:26
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:50:26
 ZF2NH - Caymand Islands (Grand Cayman Island, NA-016)
NA-016 Fra 08.07.2017 til 15.07.2017, QSL via N5NHJ
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:31:30
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:46:27
 ZF2GO ZF2NA - Caymand Islands (Grand Caymand Island, NA-016)
NA-016 Fra 06.07.2017 til 16.07.2017, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:45:37
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:45:37
 6V/DC4CQ - Senegal
Fra 30.07.2017 til 11.08.2017, QSL via DC4CQ
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:37:21
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:41:05
 DR0F - Germany (Neuwerk Island, EU-127)
EU-127 Fra 28.07.2017 til 31.07.2017, QSL via DM4DL
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:40:01
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:40:01
 A25NPD - Botswana
Fra 14.07.2017 til 16.07.2017, QSL via LZ1COM
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:35:52
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:35:52
 V73/WW6RG - Marshall Islands (Kwajalein Atoll, OC-028)
OC-028 Fra 21.07.2017 til 23.08.2017, QSL via home call
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:28:45
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:28:45
 VP9HQ N2OO/VP9 KU9C/VP9 - Bermuda
Fra 06.07.2017 til 11.07.2017, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:20:28
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:20:28
 PX0F - Fernando de Noronha
SA-003 Fra 25.11.2017 til 26.11.2017, QSL via PP5BZ
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:18:12
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:18:12
 GM7V - Scotland (Benbecula Island, EU-010)
EU-010 Fra 29.07.2017 til 30.07.2017, QSL via N3SL
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:15:13
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:15:13
 YN2RP - Nicaragua
Fra 25.06.2017 til 22.07.2017, QSL via NN3RP
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:10:43
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:10:43
 CP1XRM - Bolivia
Fra 28.06.2017 til 14.08.2017, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:05:50
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:05:50
 YJ0G - Vanuatu
OC-035 Fra 02.03.2017 til 19.03.2017, QSL via M0OXO
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 11:04:02
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 11:04:02
 TX5EG - French Polynesia (Ile de Huahine, OC-067)
OC-067 Fra 29.06.2017 til 17.07.2017, QSL via F6BCW
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Lagt til 09.07.2017 10:53:26
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 10:53:26
 TX5EG - French Polynesia (Moorea Island, OC-046)
OC-046 Fra 15.08.2017 til 05.09.2017, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 29.04.2017 09:58:12
Oppdatert 09.07.2017 10:49:17
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09.07.2017 12:32:55
 Trinidade and Martim Vaz - PY0T

Fra, 8.7.2017:

Martin PY2/LU9EFO and Evan PU5SVE have obtained the callsign ZZ0T for a future DXpedition to Trindade & Martim Vaz.

Authorization is in process with the Brazilian Navy. Dates not yet confirmed. However, the Navy ship leaves every 2 months for Trindade (change of military & scientists), so keep it DX-World for announced dates.

09.07.2017 10:25:46
 Baker Howland Island - KH1
Fra, 7.7.2017 :

The Dateline DX Association (most recently the K4M team) is very pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Pacific Islands Refuges & Monuments Office of the US Fish and Wildlife Service to pursue an Amateur Radio expedition to Baker Island National Wildlife Refuge (KH1).

We will announce dates of activation and other pertinent information once a vessel has been selected and approval of said vessel and dates is approved by the Service. We wish to thank the US Fish and Wildlife Service for their trust in our group to safely and responsibly activate this rare location. 

Don Greenbaum, N1DG, Tom Harrell, N4XP, and Kevin Rowett, K6TD co leaders
19.06.2017 22:45:56
 Betaling av LADXG Medlemskontingent 2017
I henhold til LA-DX-GROUP’s vedtekter 6.2. så forfaller medlemskontingent 15.februar. 
Det er fortsatt et antall registrerte medlemmer som, til tross av gjentatte purringer, ikke har betalt kontingenten for 2017.

Dersom vi ikke mottar betaling innen 31.Juli 2017 så vil vi slette medlemskapet pr 1.8.2017 og tilgang til med Top20 og oppføring på LA DXCC oversikt vil opphøre fra denne datoen.

Hilsen Styret.
18.06.2017 08:00:57
 little help to continue with the activity LU9EFO

Message delivered by webinterface from Martin Butera,  PY8/LU9EFO


Hello Friend. How are you doing? I am going to activate an island in the Amazon in July and I would like to count on your help. If you can, for example 5 people together, helping with 20 dollar, will be 100 dollar that will help me a lot.

The trip will be over 20 days and I'll have to take 2 plans, 2 boats, rent a hostel, food plus unforeseen. For you have an idea of Brasili (Brazil's capital), place where you start the journey to the city of Belém are more than 2000 kilometers. The economy in the South American continent is in crisis and everything is very expensive. The project needs a lot of money and I'm paying most of it.

For me to continue with the dream of activating and keeping the radio alive, I count on the collaboration of my friends !!

Please send by Paypal of my Manager Stephane

You do not have paypal !!

Join the amazonas project
Now you can add via the QSL Manager

Mr. Stéphane F4BHW

Po.Box 3 
Foecy 18500 - France.

I usually travel alone, I'm not asking for big support, just a little help to continue with the activity, I'll put your logo on QSL and on Flyer when the event is published. Thank you.

Martin Butera
13.06.2017 19:03:22
 VK9MA - Mellish Reef

VK9MA - Mellish Reef DX-pedisjonen's webside er nå tilgjengelig på
29.05.2017 23:07:51
 VK9MA - Mellish Reef

Et team bestående av  9 operatører under ledelse av Rob, N7QT vil være aktiv fra Mellish Reef som VK9MA, QRV fra 3. til 16. November  2017. 

Mellish Reef, IOTA (OC-072) er  #29 på Clublog's most wanted liste. Teamet vil være QRV fra Heralds-Beacon Islet, på alle bånd i CW, RTTY, and SSB. 

Team: N7QT Team Leader , SM5AQD Co-Team Leader , DL3DXX , LB8DC , N9ADG , SM1ALH , SM5GLC.

DX-Pedisjonen's hjemmeside vil snart være klar på 
Mere informasjon også på

Spennende for oss her hjemme at en av "våre" også er med på denne profilerte DX-Pedisjonen.

Ekspedisjonen er også registrert i vår database.

Heralds-Beacon Islet, Bildet fra K3EL
28.05.2017 09:28:22
 3Y0Z - Bouvet - Sponsorship by LADXG
On behalf of the Bouvet Island DXpedition-2018, thank you for your wonderful contribution of $3,000 USD on behalf of LA-DX-GROUP.
Please accept this small gift (download the attachment) to recognize your important and very generous contribution toward the Bouvet DXpedition-2018 expenses.  As you probably know, this is likely the most expensive DXpedition ever attempted.

It is dedicated and generous DXers like you and your club members that make DXpeditions such as this possible, and we are pleased that LA-DX-GROUP is now one of our important supporters.

One of the goals of the Bouvet Island DXpedition-2018 is to provide at least one QSO to every DXer who needs this #2 ranked DXCC entity for an all-time new one (ATNO).   Also, we want to provide as many band/mode contacts needed by DXers as we possibly can.   We believe we have the plan, the team and the equipment to make this happen!

Your contribution will help make all this a reality for not only our team of DXpeditioners, but for DXers, worldwide...THANK YOU!

See you in the pileups!

For the team,
Ralph Fedor - KØIR
Bob Allphin - K4UEE
Erling Wiig - LA6VM

13.05.2017 14:02:49
 LA DXCC status oppdatert ( - 13 Mai 2017
LA DXCC status for alle LA-DX-GROUP medlemmer er oppdatert pr 13.Mai 2017. Status er oppdatert ihh til siste versjon (HR for 330-339 DXCC entities) etter at Kure og Midway igjen ble inkludert.

11.05.2017 21:53:33
 ARRL melder: Kure og Midway tilbake til DXCC, 11.5.2017

On March 31, 2017, the DXCC desk announced the deletion of Midway Island and Kure Island from the DXCC entities list. The stated reason for this action was because of changes in the administration resulting from changes in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, formerly known as the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument, of which the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and the Battle of Midway National Memorial, the Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary at Kure Atoll, and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands State Marine Refuge, of which they are all included. 

After further review it has been found that the deletion of these two entities is not supported by the changes that were made to the relevant administrations. Therefore, the deletions from the DXCC list should not have occurred and the two entities, Midway Island KH4 and Kure Island KH7K, will return to the DXCC list as separate entities.
08.05.2017 07:56:13
 3Y0Z - Bouvet - Press Release 5

The Bouvet Island DXpedition team (3YØZ), is pleased to make an important announcement about our transportation plans to Bouvet Island.

Read the press release on DXNews

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